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Let's all welcome Aether to the family! The word aether or αἰθήρ (/ˈiːθər/) in Homeric Greek means "pure, fresh air" or "clear sky", which summarizes your experience with this beauty.

We have a passion for the sea and good food and we can't hide it! Enjoy the most delicious -Greek or not- dishes on board and let us take you on a trip through the most mouth-watering flavors.

Choose the yacht that best meets your needs, pick a destination that you like, add as many water toys as you want and you’re ready to go! It’s as simple as that.

If your dream superpower was to fly, we've got your back! Fly anywhere, anytime with the iconic Fliteboard and conquer the sea.

Are you a family of…too many people to count? We’ve got you! Lagoon 50 with a capacity of 10 people is ideal for you. The homely atmosphere, the modern convenience, the 6 luxurious cabins and 4 WCs will definitely make you feel like home. Visit our site and book your next summer vacation with Lagoon 50.

If you love adventures and you have a soft spot for the ocean you're at the right place, at the right time! The Nomad family is here to create a unique experience for you and make your summer magical. Visit our site and learn more about our yachts and our services.

We don’t condone favoritism but when it comes to Axopar, we can not help it! This fast and economical yacht will definitely win your heart.

Lagoon 52F is really something else! Its elegance and superiority on the outside and on the inside can leave you speechless, no matter how many times you get to see it. Its spacious interior with 6 cabins ans 6 WCs, along with the homely atmosphere and comfort of every room, make this 16-meter-long yacht look like a floating house.

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