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Having as the main goal in mind to promote the long playlists and the unlimited music on the app, I created this hypothetical post that promotes Spotify's features in a creative way, adjusted to the features of Instagram.

Leroy Merlin

What if I told you that younger people can be Leroy Merlin's target group as well? All we need is a creative campaign that is so Gen Z-inspired, that will make it relatable to younger adults.

Isn't that HOT?


It only takes a couple of seconds and it can save the planet! Shocking, right?

The climate change is getting out of hand and it's our duty to do everything in our power to prevent it even by doing some small everyday things, like deleting our unwanted mails!

Recent studies have shown that if every person on the planet reduced the number of mails that are sent and deleted them they would reduce the individual carbon footprint.

By creating this digital campaign we raise awareness on the subject by telling people that they are literally only a few mails away from what really matters.



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